How to build a successful e-commerce business

girl-1333600_1920Is there a short cut to success? I’d love to give you a new and unique answer which would magically make all your problems disappear. But, unfortunately, there is none. So, I’m just going to go with the old fashioned epithets of ‘hard work ‘, perseverance, talent and a little bit of luck (although the law of attraction states luck itself is directly proportional to how hard you work!).

A lot of budding entrepreneurs think that they can get a website, open a shop and customers will beat a path to their store. The reality is far different. With a billion websites out there, getting discovered, building the trust that gets a sale take a lot of time. Most new e-commerce sites don’t net a single sale for the first 3 months.

You could do a simple google search to find hundreds of articles about hard work. I simply wish to give a more realistic perspective on the subject.

Case study 1:

In 1993, K. Anders Ericsson and colleagues asked musicians to estimate the amount of deliberate practice– full engagement in structured training activities designed to improve a particular aspect of performance– every week for each year of their careers. They found that on average, the most accomplished musicians estimated much higher amounts of deliberate practice than the less accomplished musicians. At age 20, the average estimated hours for the most accomplished violinists was more than 10,000 hours, whereas the average estimated hours for the least accomplished violinists was about 4,600 hours.

Case study 2:

Winston Churchill, one of the 20th century’s greatest orators, practiced his speeches compulsively. Vladimir Horowitz supposedly said, “If I don’t practice for a day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, my wife knows it. If I don’t practice for three days, the world knows it.”


The field of fashion is no different. Sure, talent is important, but consistency, hard work and dedication to the art are even more important. Opening an online store is easy, anyone can do it. But making it successful requires hardwork, perseverance and motivation. Maintaining its standards consistently with new, catchy designs, customer service, keeping up with trends, research etc are the tough parts. It’s even tougher doing all these knowing that you statistically won’t be getting even a single order for at least 3 months from starting your store. These are the parts which will determine if you will be a success story or a cautionary tale for others.

If you say, “I’ve tried all this, still no success”, here are few more case studies for you, Colonel Sander’s chicken recipe was rejected 1099 times before going mainstream, Henry ford failed in five businesses before starting ford motors, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper early in his career because “he lacked imagination and creative ideas”.

So what is the secret sauce to building a new digital business?

  1. Have something truly unique
  2. Share your website with friends and family and ask them to share it with their friends
  3. Provide excellent customer support. Give your customers a reason to buy from you
  4. Be active on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and share your work.

In the end it takes talent, nurturing, motivation, persistence and hardwork to build a success story. There are no shortcuts here!


Color Psychology: What Colors Sell?

When designing for your customers on LaunchMyWear, it’s beneficial to keep their preferences in mind. The idea is to stay true to who you are, so that you attract consumers that match your aesthetic, while also remembering the upcoming trends they’ll most likely want and their overall predilections.

pantone colors 2016 color trends 2016
Pantone Colors 2016

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by offering colors that are trending, (see Pantone colors of the year) and making products available in some key colors or tones that are popular your your buyers’ demographic.

For example, based on this chart, you can see that one clear winner is the color blue:

most popular colors, colors that sell well, best colors

Whereas orange did not fare so well …

least favorite colors, worst colors, colors that don't sell well

It has also been shown that more unusual and unique color names can increase the intent to purchase. This may hold especially true with women, according to KISSmetrics. So, keep that it mind when naming and describing your products.

colors by gender


While we’re on the topic of color, it would be a disservice not to recommend looking at a color chart to determine complementary colors to use in your design.

Via ccisolutions
Via ccisolutions

For more on color psychology, check out our post on logo deigns, too!

Best Free Stock Image Sites to Use When Launching Your MyWear Store

Finding stock images can be difficult. A google image search will normally yield one of two things: A slew of mystifying photos of overly excited guys in suits, or worse, an image you like, but that’s watermarked to filth.

When designing the banner for your LaunchMyWear store, watermarks and men in suits might not be what you had in mind, so we’ve compiled a list of some sites offering free, aesthetically-pleasing photos to choose from. Enjoy!


gratisography stock photot launchmywear

A personal favorite! Gratisography’s curated collection of stunning photography offers tons of quirk, and even more pixels.


Wind Farm At Sea With Many Turbines

A nice, downloadable mix of different styles of photography.



Another amazing source with a huge selection of free photos that’s added to daily. funnel cake stock image launch my wear

A little bit of everything, in large, high-res photos.


eesplashed stock photo volcano launch my wear

Tons of gorgeous photos to choose from in large, downloadable sizes.

After you’ve created your banner and logo, you’re all set to promote your MyWear® store. Go get ’em, tiger!

Writing Blurbs & Tweets Like a Marketing Pro!

How many of us wake up first thing in the morning, eyes still adjusting to waking light, and strrrretch, reaching for our phones in one swoop motion. It’s probably been waiting there, on your nightstand, since the night before, when you last checked Facebook from that softly lit screen before falling asleep.

It turns out, it’s probably not just me. 74% of 2013 internet users were on at least one social networking site, 52% of online adults used multiple social media sites and 70% of people on Facebook used it daily! Those numbers have only gone up in 2015. I’m not telling you this so much to be informative, as I am to justify my unhealthy internet habits stated in the first paragraph.

Before I had a job crafting an online presence for a media company, I never really thought about my “reach”. I posted the first thing that came to mind. Done. Now this stuff haunts my dreams. No, really! I’ve woken up trying to determine the most efficient place to put the subject in a sentence.

In an effort to perform some kind of digital marketing Freddy Krueger number on all of you, I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to engage your social media audience. And, when you start counting the number of words in your Facebook blurbs at 2 am, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Brevity is most import- Yes, almost more important than finishing that sentence. Because, according to science, you already got the gist. We’ve become insanely skilled at extracting the important words in a headline, blurb, or tweet and moving on. Normally, this leads to us paying most attention to the first and last three words. So, if a blurb is rambling on about why you should click, don’t be surprised if my millennial brain taps out by the 95th character. Ideally, your blurbs should hover around the 40 character mark and tweets should stay in between 71-100 (I recommend 70-80 for more retweets).


the internet is a zoo


Funny or Die. It turns out, people like to be entertained… or horrified. Marketing researchers have found that, unsurprisingly, humor and cute overload are incredibly effective (i.e. Top 10 Cutest Puppies Falling Asleep While Standing for Charity). But, interestingly, we might click even more for negative superlatives. One study found that negative expressions performed 30% better than positive superlatives. Yikes. Because I’m an optimistic gal, I suggest spreading peace and love, so maybe try your best to bring the funny before resorting to negativity in your social media, and life, for that matter. 🙂

FB posts photo engagementPicture Perfect. Photos can be easier to consume than text (especially in that first-thing-in-the-morning scenario we discussed earlier). So, I highly recommend using large, aesthetically pleasing photos. It’s honestly one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make. If you don’t believe me, studies show that adding a photo to your tweet can boost retweets by 35% and, on Facebook, posts with photos account for the highest rates of engagement by a landslide. Go for Facebook’s aspect ratio of 485 x 255 to ensure half of the photo doesn’t get cropped out during posting!

Be Coy. How many times have you been lured into clicking on a post you didn’t actually care about? If you’re anything like me, it probably went a little something like this: You’re scrolling through Facebook and a blog you follow posts: “You won’t BELIEVE what Kylie Jenner did this time…” Mind you, I barely know who Kylie Jenner is, BUT, what if she did something actually news-worthy and I’m the only person who won’t know about it? What if she succeeded where her brave, trailblazing sister failed, and actually broke the internet?! Ugh, fine, Refinery29, you got me, *click*. Then, the article reveals she got a trim and natural highlights… Duped again!

Now, I’m not at all suggesting you trick your audience, but it is perfectly acceptable to not give everything away in your bylines. In fact, I would highly recommend it.

Ask Yourself: What would you want to read? This is sorta the Occam’s razor of online marketing. What do you find most interesting about the thing you’re sharing? By putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, you’ll be able to decide what type of byline would catch your eye — and, hopefully, theirs!