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A new report was recently published by Infiniti Research on the top challenges currently facing the fashion retail industry. In it, they reveal 3 underlying issues, all essentially stemming from the broader trend of consumer demands becoming ever more specific as the market fills with more options. Infiniti lists, growing consumerism, a demand for a unique experience and inventory management as the biggest hurdles currently facing the apparel retail space. This will unlikely come as a surprise to many businesses that have been trying to keep up with evolving industry standards and a growing consumer demand for customized products and personalized shopping experiences.

Up until now, solutions have often been pieced together, with one technology rarely offering a comprehensive fix that addresses all three issues. vPersonalize, on the other hand, offers a fully integrated solution. Given its leading position in the custom, on-demand manufacturing space, the most nature of the software is to quickly and efficiently develop, design and produce superior products while offering the customer a personalized shopping experience, without the need for inventory on the manufacturer’s end. Here, we’ll explore what Infinity has uncovered to be the biggest hurdles and how vPersonalize offers industry-specific solutions to each of these common problems:

Problem 1 – Growing consumerism: “Consumers demand variety and originality; for example, consumers frequently demand apparels they see on media that is worn by their favorite celebrity. So it is difficult for brand owners to offer new collections in a short period, which leads to complications in the supply chain, product development, planning, production, and fulfillment.”

Launch new styles, sizes & products in minutes!

Solution – On-Demand, Custom Apparel & Accelerated Product Development: With vPersonalize, brands can publish new designs in a matter of hours and release new products in a matter of days, slashing product development times without sacrificing quality. In return, customers are given the ability to quickly customize the “perfect” design on photorealistic 3D models, seeing their design with 100% visual accuracy, as it will lay on the body in their size. This combination of quick customization and product development ensures customer satisfaction with fast releases on trending products and designs personalized to each customers’ specifications.

Problem 2 – Demand for a unique experience: “Players in the fashion retail industry are finding it difficult to create a unique experience for their customers and gain customers’ attention. Brands often obtain superior brand loyalty because they can drive engagement and create positive customer engagement.”

vPersonalize is the only software available across all platforms

Solution – In-store Design Kiosks, Fan Pages & Personalizable Products: vPersonalize gives brands the ability drive customer engagement with a fully personalized shopping experience. Design Kiosks featured at brick and mortar locations allow customers to customize, modify and place orders from physical sample products they see in the store. Fan and team pages give consumers the ability to shop from a completely customized storefront, including banners and products, creating an upsell opportunity where consumers can see their custom design on a variety of virtual products.

Problem 3 – Inventory management: “Based on seasons, brands in the fashion industry usually roll-out their new collection. Some brands generally roll out new designs for few seasons in a year, which results in longer time-to-market. In this fast-moving world, the consumer preferences in the space of few months would have changed a lot.

Solution – On-Demand Manufacturing: Carry unlimited styles and sizes without physical inventory. With vPersonalize, you can quickly expand your product line, release new trending designs, add new sizes and geographies – all without the overhead. On-demand production automation allows for items to not be produced until actually ordered, saving resources, materials and costs used during a production cycle. Once an item is ordered, auto-graded production-ready patterns are automatically produced, helping take the product to production line in a matter of hours. This pre-manufacturing automation, combined with vPersonalize’s optimized design-to-production workflow, successfully targets the top challenges faced by the fashion retailers and brands.

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Bikinis & atom bombs: Be inspired by everything.


When we think about inspiration, what influences us most are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We appreciate when someone has the ability and willingness to be selfless, creative, innovative, or just dares to be different. Being ordinary and creating extra ordinary stuff.

It’s one of fashion’s great mysteries. Where do designers find their inspiration? The birth of a trend has long been a source of debate. Inspiration can literally come from anywhere, be it family, music, streets, a crack in the sidewalk etc . There are no restraints as to what someone can draw from to turn a mere thought into a reality. In fact, fashion design is all about great inspirations. Today’s designs are everything from elaborate drawings in a sketchbook to creative photo shopping.

Unexpected inspirations:

Miniskirt: Did you know the origin of the miniskirts by Mary Quant’s was actually named after her favourite car – The Mini. According to her, miniskirts meant young, fresh, colourful and fun.


The bikini: Louis Reard named his two-piece swimming costume after the Bikini Atoll, where the US military was testing bombs. He believed his revealing swimwear would create a shock similar to that of the atomic bomb. He sure did!!!!!!


Versace logo: Gianni Versace’s major influence was Greek mythology – the logo for his company is the head of Medusa – thought to symbolize the empowerment of women. Through his clothing, Versace wanted to give women confidence and power, and this was shown through his choice of flamboyant textiles, bold colors and flattering cuts.


Red-soled Louboutins: Christian Louboutin’s red soles were inspired by Andy Warhol and nail varnish. When designing a pair of shoes influenced by Warhol’s Flowers, Louboutin was dissatisfied with the outcome. While looking at the shoes, which had black soles, to try to figure out why they didn’t work, his assistant was painting her nails red. Seeing the polish, Louboutin grabbed the pot and lacquered the shoe’s sole, and an icon was born.

Royal Ascot 2009 - Day 4

We at MyWear® would like to be the bridge that leads artists to becoming entrepreneurs. We can provide you with all the tools you need to successfully launch your own clothing line. Your own website, Custom sizes, your own choice of fabric, Social media integration, advance designing tools, ecommerce, on demand manufacturing and shipment. You name it we got it.

We have made sure that tools, technology and cost are no longer barriers. Just bring in your creativity, talent, drive and let’s get started.

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MyWear® is the only integrated platform to let you launch your own line of apparel or accessories, designed, produced and delivered to order, under your label, with no minimum order quantities. MyWear® provides you with everything you need: design tools, e-commerce, social media integration, manufacturing & drop shipping!

If you are wondering, is talent alone enough?, you need to look at industry legends like Coco Chanel, who learnt the art of sewing while being raised in an orphanage or Georgio Armani, who started his career from a garments shop, where he assisted a photographer in arranging the window, or let’s take the example of Calvin Klein, who started his career as a complete loner, with no connections nor money, except for what he made helping his father at his grocery store.

The simple truth is, in addition to being exceptional fashion designers, these greats were also exceptional business men and women, scouting the market like a hawk, searching for opportunity, flaws, chinks in the armor where they could step in and offer their solutions.

For instance, Rene’ Lacoste designed a game changing shirt with a buttoned neckline and short sleeves in a time when tennis players were accustomed to rolling up their sleeves to get a little relief. Lacoste saw opportunity, stepped in and offered his solution. A simple formula.

These extraordinary people loved their art enough to learn and develop a new line of business. Now, we have made the barriers much lower for an enterprising designer to get started on their own.

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Choose from our wide range of product silhouettes across customer segments – Tees, Tops, Dresses, Backpacks, Messenger bags and Raglans across Kids, Men, Women and Extended Sizes in Synthetic, Cotton, Polyester, Silk or Blends. Just design on our 3D tool and publish to your store and the product is ready for purchase! No inventory, no pre-orders, no minimums – we will custom make and drop ship every single order, under your label, within 2 weeks.

Need your own custom product or special fabric? We will design, pattern-make and set up manufacturing just for you, for a small fee.

Don’t be restricted to designing inside a box! MyWear® is the only platform that supports full-bleed prints with custom sizes and choice of fabric. Go ahead and unleash your creative skills without any technology limitation.

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Move Beyond Shirt Design Software with MyWear’s 3D Product Designer & Manufacturing Platform

Some of you have been curious about this while logging in to design custom clothing and accessories on

mywearpage designers decorators manufacturing software

To the left, you’ll find your designer portal. To the right? Meet MyWear Decorators Network. In addition to the artist and designer platform you’re familiar with,  we’ve recently developed a new design and manufacturing software specifically for custom retailers and manufacturers.

This soon-to-be released software has industry-specific solutions that optimize user experience, bring innovative products to market, and drive new business models. MyWear Decorators’ Network provides a single technology platform across the entire manufacturing life cycle, at a very affordable price, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about the technology heavy lifting. Based on years of research, our patented real 3D designer helps customers easily visualize products in real 3D, as they will be manufactured and our manufacturing automation software delivers production ready patterns to create exactly what was visualized!

Create stock designs or publish blanks for your customers to design on. Use our patented design automation tools to design once for multiple sizes, products and styles – a huge saving in time and cost. Get manufacturing ready patterns, not spec sheets. Reduce pre-production costs by up to 90% with automated pattern generation, grading, cross product designer, design corrector and more! Let your customers design or personalize in real 3D on the web, take a photo and design on a mobile or personalize with a Facebook app. Fully managed e-commerce, social commerce, payment processing and production management.

3d model product design software mywear decorators network

With MyWear Decorators’ Network you have access to industry specific tools like:

MyWear - 3D Visual Designer 3D Visual Designer

Collaborate closely with your customers. Design and communicate in real 3D. Download production-ready patterns.

MyWear - Production Management Production Management

Get manufacturing-ready patterns, not spec sheets. Automated pattern generation, grading, cross product designer, design corrector and more!

MyWear - Quick Product Setup Quick Product Setup. Simple design tools

Offer customers pre-made designs or a blank canvas. Easy to use, intuitive 3D design controls for your designers and customers. Design once for multiple sizes and products!

MyWear - Mobile & Social Apps Mobile & Social Apps

Let customer’s design and order from their mobile, using the camera integrated 3D app! Sell on Facebook with an integrated marketplace app.

MyWear - Complete E-Commerce Complete Commerce

E-Commerce, Social Commerce, Payments & Order Management.

MyWear - Broadest Product Coverage Broadest Product Coverage

Full bleed, cut & sew apparel, bags, accessories, hard goods, shoes, skateboards or car wraps – we got you covered!

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