Your Print Guide for Spring/Summer 2016 is Here!

Dolce-and-Gabbana-SS16 around the world prints

If you caught any glimpses of Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, you’ve probably already caught the buzz. After watching the absolutely dazzling array of cheerful, globally-inspired prints that walked the runway, I wanted to pre-order one of everything the models were wearing. Unfortunately, that isn’t in my budget this year, as I am not Beyoncé 😦

D&G took us around the world, with loud, in-your-face color and embellishments that were streamlined in classic, feminine silhouettes. Just look at these photos from the show!

D&G Dolce Gabanna s/s16 show lineup prints

This recipe of adventurous prints and color in ladylike cuts made for an absolutely delightful show that, of course, inspired me to create my own look on my LaunchMyWear:

DG inspired top and print launchmywear blog
Clearly inspired by D&G’s lemon print here

Marc Jacobs’ print game was strong, too. His collection showcased a lineup of models with tons of pumped-up, old Hollywood glamour, and even more New York Dolls-style attitude. Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers, so, of course I had to pay homage to his  incredible Spring ready-to-wear line, as well.

MJ marc jacobs spring summer SS16_2
My take on his plaid/floral numbers. I ❤ you, Marc!

Another gorgeous collection that stood out for me was Diane Von Furstenberg’s. I know floral prints in a spring collection isn’t a new concept, but Diane Von Furstenberg does it so darn well. This woman knows prints like she knows wrap dresses. So, this Spring ready-to-wear trifecta wouldn’t be complete without her.

DVF spring 2016 inspired tank launch my wear
Love her mix of prints!

Other labels that brought it for S/S 2016 included:

Gucci (Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear)

Gucci spring 2016 launch my wear

Jonathan Saunders (S/S16 Ready-To-Wear)

Jonathan Saunders ss16 launch my wear

Temperley London (Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear)

Jonathan Saunders ss16 launch my wear

And Clover Canyon (Spring & Resort 2016)

clover canyon ss16 resort 2016

Because MyWear® is the perfect platform to create custom clothes with your own custom prints, every runway show can provide inspiration for your own designs, without the Beyoncé bank account! What are your favorite looks from S/S16 collections? I’d love to see your takes on them! Be sure to tweet your designs at us @LaunchMyWear

The Benefits of Choosing

Because relies on all new, patent pending technology to produce custom clothing and apparel, designers may wonder how exactly our platform works. More importantly, how does it work for them, as designers?

Your Own Private e-Store

First and foremost, with, you own an e-store, which can be customized just the way you want it. You control everything, from the name, theme, and font colors, to what your customer sees when entering your store.  Upload your logo to establish your brand even further.  You can even group your merchandise into assigned categories of your choosing.

reality inc customized clothing mywear store


Secure Payment Gateway

Your e-store, which showcases your products, wouldn’t be complete without a payment gateway. Hence, we offer you and your customers a secure checkout that’s already integrated into your e-store.

Your Own Label

At, apart from owning your e-store, you can also launch your own fashion label. This feature will be active after you generate at least 50 orders from your e-store. You can even apply for a trademark through us. Need more help? We offer one-on-one consultations to our designers to help them get their trademark and label up and running.

Dolce and gabanna inspired top put print anywhere on your productAbility to Apply Print Anywhere on Your Merchandise

As an artist, don’t be restricted to design only on specific sections of your merchandise. is the only platform that lets you design a product with all-over prints, or on any surface of the product you like! Our 3D tool will help you design on any section of your creation that you please.

One Design, Many SKUs

Our patent-pending software converts your design, from the 3D tool, to different sizes, including both standard and custom sizes, and automatically creates SKUs for production.  So, you only have to design once!

You Design It, We’ll Manufacture It!

We’ll manufacture your design when it’s ordered, without any upfront fees. That means no inventory, no pre-orders, no minimums, and no cost to you, the designer. And, because it’s made to order, you can design and launch as many products on your e-store as you want!

promote on social media mywear linked to accountsSocial Media Integration

LaunchMyWear even makes it easy to promote your products online! No need to login to individual social media channels and post your content. At, you can promote away, directly from our social media share dashboard.


Once ordered and manufactured, we deliver straight to your customer’s doorstep. Or to yours, if that’s your preference!

Transparent reporting

Our transparent reporting allows you to keep track of your orders and earnings. Link to your secure Stripe account and watch your designs pay off, literally.

launchmywear orders

Simply put, LaunchMyWear is an all-inclusive package for any designer to create new, custom looks to be produced, on-demand, without any of the obstacles associated with traditional fashion manufacturing. Hopefully, now you have a bit of a better idea of just how our platform works and how it works for you, as a designer.  And, with no costs to you, there’s no reason not to get started!

Writing Blurbs & Tweets Like a Marketing Pro!

How many of us wake up first thing in the morning, eyes still adjusting to waking light, and strrrretch, reaching for our phones in one swoop motion. It’s probably been waiting there, on your nightstand, since the night before, when you last checked Facebook from that softly lit screen before falling asleep.

It turns out, it’s probably not just me. 74% of 2013 internet users were on at least one social networking site, 52% of online adults used multiple social media sites and 70% of people on Facebook used it daily! Those numbers have only gone up in 2015. I’m not telling you this so much to be informative, as I am to justify my unhealthy internet habits stated in the first paragraph.

Before I had a job crafting an online presence for a media company, I never really thought about my “reach”. I posted the first thing that came to mind. Done. Now this stuff haunts my dreams. No, really! I’ve woken up trying to determine the most efficient place to put the subject in a sentence.

In an effort to perform some kind of digital marketing Freddy Krueger number on all of you, I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to engage your social media audience. And, when you start counting the number of words in your Facebook blurbs at 2 am, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Brevity is most import- Yes, almost more important than finishing that sentence. Because, according to science, you already got the gist. We’ve become insanely skilled at extracting the important words in a headline, blurb, or tweet and moving on. Normally, this leads to us paying most attention to the first and last three words. So, if a blurb is rambling on about why you should click, don’t be surprised if my millennial brain taps out by the 95th character. Ideally, your blurbs should hover around the 40 character mark and tweets should stay in between 71-100 (I recommend 70-80 for more retweets).


the internet is a zoo


Funny or Die. It turns out, people like to be entertained… or horrified. Marketing researchers have found that, unsurprisingly, humor and cute overload are incredibly effective (i.e. Top 10 Cutest Puppies Falling Asleep While Standing for Charity). But, interestingly, we might click even more for negative superlatives. One study found that negative expressions performed 30% better than positive superlatives. Yikes. Because I’m an optimistic gal, I suggest spreading peace and love, so maybe try your best to bring the funny before resorting to negativity in your social media, and life, for that matter. 🙂

FB posts photo engagementPicture Perfect. Photos can be easier to consume than text (especially in that first-thing-in-the-morning scenario we discussed earlier). So, I highly recommend using large, aesthetically pleasing photos. It’s honestly one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make. If you don’t believe me, studies show that adding a photo to your tweet can boost retweets by 35% and, on Facebook, posts with photos account for the highest rates of engagement by a landslide. Go for Facebook’s aspect ratio of 485 x 255 to ensure half of the photo doesn’t get cropped out during posting!

Be Coy. How many times have you been lured into clicking on a post you didn’t actually care about? If you’re anything like me, it probably went a little something like this: You’re scrolling through Facebook and a blog you follow posts: “You won’t BELIEVE what Kylie Jenner did this time…” Mind you, I barely know who Kylie Jenner is, BUT, what if she did something actually news-worthy and I’m the only person who won’t know about it? What if she succeeded where her brave, trailblazing sister failed, and actually broke the internet?! Ugh, fine, Refinery29, you got me, *click*. Then, the article reveals she got a trim and natural highlights… Duped again!

Now, I’m not at all suggesting you trick your audience, but it is perfectly acceptable to not give everything away in your bylines. In fact, I would highly recommend it.

Ask Yourself: What would you want to read? This is sorta the Occam’s razor of online marketing. What do you find most interesting about the thing you’re sharing? By putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, you’ll be able to decide what type of byline would catch your eye — and, hopefully, theirs!

3D tool to design full bleed printed merchandise

At we offer you a 3D tool to design apparels and accessories with full bleed prints. For example, you can design a custom hoodie, with running designs or patterns that cross over from the body to the sleeve. The artworks designed on the hoodie are not restricted to just the front or back but the entire product. Our unique technology ensures that the finished product matches with the design on the 3D model almost exactly.


While designing, you can view your work in 360 degrees on the 3D model by rotating the model.


One design many SKUs including Custom sizes

On the consumer facing portal of yours, we let the consumer choose his/her custom size apart from the regular sizes. Adding to the ease, you need not design for different sizes. Our patent pending software generates the design done on the 3D tool and makes patterns automatically for different sizes. This saves up your time to focus on new designs.

One artwork many products:

Using only one artwork you can easily publish various products such as backpacks, T-shirts, hoodies and more. This would help you to create a lookbook for your consumers.

Complete flexibility to place artwork, text and color:

You will find various navigational buttons to place your artwork anywhere on the product. You may expand or contract the artwork using scale in and scale out buttons, rotate the artwork in both anti-clock wise and clock wise directions and select the autofit option which would intelligently autofit your artwork to the entire chosen product. You can choose the section where you want the image through “apply image to” button.

Other functionalities like clone and mirror image:

Using the clone functionality the artwork gets copied from one layer to another layer without requiring you to upload it again. For example, you may copy the artwork from front to back or from right to left side of the product and work on the cloned artwork in a different way compared to the original artwork. It just happens with the click of a button.

If you want to place a mirror image on the opposite section with perfect alignment, the mirror image option comes in handy. The mirror button creates a mirror image of the artwork and the artwork gets applied to the opposite section. This would be useful when you want to place the mirrored artwork from front to back or from right to left without re-doing it all over again.

There is no restriction to turn your creativity to merchandise. Imagination is the only limit. You may register at and bring your creativity to life.

Choose a theme for your e-store

On site packaging of your e-store is as important as your products. You would agree how a well-lit and decorated offline shop encourages you to make a purchase from that store. It gives an additional boost to the sales. At we offer you various themes to choose from, so your store can have a unique and a fresh look. To choose your theme:

  1. Go to the settings page


2.Upload your store logo

3.Select your theme and update


Congratulations! Now, your chosen theme and logo are applied to your e-store.


Let your art embellish your merchandise

Your art is the medium for your expression and a communication of your emotions and ideas. We believe art should be extended to merchandize to express your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ideas. What better way than to marry art and fashion? Let curators of your artwork enjoy your collection on a variety of wearable merchandize!

At we make it possible to integrate art and fashion. We offer you a private e-store to showcase all your merchandise designed using your artwork, a 3D design tool to design on, the possibility for you to share your merchandise through social media, a made to order manufacturing facility without minimums or inventory, a payment gateway to let your consumers transact with you securely and a shipping to multiple Countries including USA, Canada and Australia.

You can choose to showcase your art or the merchandize on your store depending on the interest and taste of your customers. It is no longer an art to look at and admire from a distance, but a wearable canvas that your customers can use, relate to and use as an expression of their own taste.

To start with, register, log in to and upload your artwork.


Design a product out of many products available at using your artwork.


Click on the save button to save it in your merchandise gallery.



Then tick on the image you would like to be the front image of your product and then update. This front image could be your artwork.

Step_4 Step_5


P.S -You own exclusive rights to all images and artworks you have created. We don’t use your work for any purpose other than to fulfill your orders.

How to name your store


Now that you have decided to launch your fashion business and zeroed in on the scope of your business, it is time to come up with the name of your store. The task seems simple as well as daunting. You have gone through many brainstorming sessions, finalized a set of names, but not sure which one would be the best among all. Not to worry, this article will take you through the points to consider to finalize one.

Let’s consider a few of the most successful consumer brands. Apple was named with a sense of fun and good spirit. Google was named from googol, which is a mathematical term for a number represented by one followed by 100 zeros. In fashion space, names like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci came from the names of the designers. The name of your brand or business is the first step towards communicating the value of your brand. If we try to arrive at a common conclusion among all these great names we will realize, all the names reflect what the business is about or the core DNA of the business. For example, Apple is about a good spirited, fun loving and an innovative brand, Google synonyms with an idea of building infinite information on the web and the bands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton were named after the designers as these brands represent the uniqueness or exclusivity of these designers’ collections. Considering these success stories below are a few guidelines to come up with a name for your e-store at

Define your business: First, define your business. Outline what you do, what is the theme of your fashion business, what are the unique benefits you offer through your products. Then write down a few of the adjectives of the benefits in terms of emotions or experiences which would be derived by your consumers. These adjectives would be the stepping stone for finding that killer name for your retail store at

You could also zero in on a set of products you will specialize in. For example, if your brand represents the rugged outdoors or travel, you might just design backpacks and T-shirts. If you cater to sophisticated and mature women, you might focus on Tote bags, Tunics, Silk scarf and cotton Tee’s.

Understand your audience: Then understand your audience and their affinities. Create a shorter list of those names which your audience would relate to, derive a positive emotion out of it and create an image of yours which you desire and fulfill.

Short and simple: Remember, most of the successful names are the ones which are short and simple. A short and simple name of a brand creates high brand recall.

Be Unique: Apart from being short and simple it is also very much important to be unique to create a much more efficient brand recall. Unique brand names are also helpful to get a good rank in SEO as you would compete with lesser relevant entities. There is also a trade off between a unique name and a name with higher keyword density. Names with higher keyword densities would be better discoverable through search queries, but comes at a cost of similarities with other names and lesser brand recall. However, unique names require higher expenditure on marketing to create a brand, but with the right marketing strategy and with the right choice of unique name the brand recall value would immensely higher.

Google your name: Then, Google your chosen name to check whether there is any existing band with this name. You don’t want to come up with a name which is copyrighted and would result in a violation.

In conclusion, the name of your store should be simple, memorable and likable by your target consumers.

All you need to know about social media strategy for your e-store at


Social media is the stage to perform these days! It is a medium where customers reveal their perception, what they feel and what their opinions are. Therefore, it gives an opportunity for the brands to talk and build a personal relationship with their existing and prospective customers. The word of mouth spreads like wildfire and sellers can go all out and wild to capture the market.

Below, there are a few guidelines about how to go about your social media strategy.

  1. Objective of social media:

First, you should define the objective of your social media channels.

It could be

  • To increase the brand awareness
  • To drive website traffic
  • To generate quality leads
  • To engage with the customers and build loyalty

Depending on the objective you could tailor your content. For example, to increase the brand awareness, you could talk about interesting aspects of your brand. To generate traffic you could share interesting blogs and to generate leads you could offer a freebie or talk to the market audience directly.

  1. Who is your audience:

You should understand your target audience.

  • Who are they in terms of their age, gender and occupation
  • What are their interests, opinions and attitude towards various aspects in life
  • What do they care about
  • What do they like and dislike etc.

After knowing your target audience, it will be easier for you to tailor your marketing communication and to choose right social media platforms.

  1. What are the platforms:

Currently there are various social media platforms available where you can create your company/brand page and engage with your customers. Those are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Quora, Reddit and many more. However, we recommend choosing from the first five to start with, where your maximum number of target audiences is engaged. Below are few statistics on few of the popular social media channels.


Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly active users and 757 million daily active users. It is slightly skewed towards urban, younger and female population. On Facebook people respond to products, images and videos. Considering its mass presence you should definitely have a Facebook page.


Twitter has around 100 million daily active users. 49% of internet users have a twitter account and it is slightly skewed towards city dwellers, males and younger audiences. Twitter works well with links and news. You should add image or video after every 2-3 tweets. There are multiple twitter-chats happen related to each industry. So you should participate in twitter-chats related to your industry every week.


Audiences in Google-plus are younger, slightly skewed towards male and city dwellers. On Google-plus you should share a long form of content, images and videos. The people on Google-plus are early adopters and are tech savvy. You should join communities, start interacting and sharing your content or blogs.


LinkedIn has 277 million users and 40% of total LinkedIn users log in daily. This medium is one of the engaging medium and people spend more time compared to other social media channels. This audience is slightly skewed toward older males and city dwellers.


Pinterest has 70 million users and it offers a majority of the young crowd, from 30-49 years of age. Audiences on Pinterest respond to how to and DIYs. Almost 80% of pins on Pinterest are repined. It is also one of the best mediums for e-commerce sites which target females. The average order value of the customers from Pinterest is also higher compared to other social media channels.

  1. Tone of the message:

Ask yourself, if your brand were a person then what kind of personality it would have. What kind of relationship it would maintain with the consumers and describe them with adjectives. Jot down what is your company’s personality and what it is not, how would you differentiate from your competitors and how would you want your customers to perceive about your company. Ultimately, you should cultivate the voice that is liked by your customers as well.

  1. What to post:

Your posts on social media should be towards strengthening the relationship between you and your customers. You should talk about your company, products, social or charity efforts your company is involved with, behind the scenes, etc. Try adding visuals such as pictures and videos. Always tell a story on the social media with an emotional appeal. Ask questions! It is also necessary to add blogs, articles and whitepapers which would interest your target customers. Research your keywords from keyword planner and focus customers around those keywords. If you want to get an idea about which are the most popular blogs related to your niche or keywords you might explore that from If you want to monitor the most shared content on social media related to your keywords or niche then you should explore that from

  1. How frequent:

The sweet spot lies between the minimum number of posts which would make you visible and the number of posts which would not make you loud. For Facebook you may post twice a day, on twitter around five times a day, and once a day on Google-plus and LinkedIn.

  1. When to post:

Ideally you should post when your target audience is most active on the social media. Generally, people are most active around 8-10AM, 2-4PM and 8-11 PM.

  1. Key Performance Indicators:

You should always document your KPIs for all the channels which were mentioned as objectives above. You should keep a track of not only the number of likes or followers, but also the engagement level. Engagement is a key metric to monitor the effectiveness of your social media and would let you know how much influence your social media channel has over your target consumers.

  1. Build on your success:

Lastly, always monitor your key metrics and refer the analytics tab of all the social media channels. Learn about what kind of content worked well and build on your past successes. Be coherent with the SEO strategy and blogging strategy and it will pay off for sure.