Out with the old, in with the new!

Social and economic changes have transformed the way fashion is designed, developed, produced and consumed. To keep up with ever-changing challenges, expanding markets and to build a better product, companies are finding it difficult to adapt.

traditional pm img2

The good old paper and pencil method certainly is great, however drafting patterns on your own can also seem to be very intimidating, so what do we do to face this challenge and get to a completely new level of possibilities? With the introduction of various 2D CAD designing software makes it much more efficient. This technique not only saves hours of your time but also creates zero-waste designs. Using CAD technology enhances communication between the teams by improving the efficiency and also controlling the costs.

Sounds amazing right? Well, be prepared to fork out thousands of dollars for most of these pattern making software. For the majority of pattern makers this is not the option, so what is out there for those who cannot spend so much yet have all the benefits that the other expensive software provide? We have the answer to that – vPersonalize’s Online Pattern Maker! Yes, you can discover new design paradigms using this simple, yet powerful user interface that takes minutes to master and it’s very affordably priced.

pm pattern1Unlike most CAD tools that lock you into proprietary data formats, vPersonalize’s patterns CAD  is 100% cloud-based and supports standard formats like DXF, AI and SVG for both import and export and is available as part of the standard package without any additional cost.

Explore the plethora of pre-made patterns library and quickly make modifications in less than five minutes. These are just some of the features of the software.

If this sounds interesting, don’t wait to sign up! Explore more at www.onlinepatternmaker.com

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