It’s time to move up the food chain!

Special Edition for Screen Printers

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin

Doing the same thing that has worked previously is no guarantee of success in today’s highly competitive world of manufacturing. Staying ahead of the competition is the way to stay alive. The best way to do this is to add newer products, increase your margins and move up the value chain. It’s good to be well-rounded, but focusing heavily on one speciality will diminish value! If you want to attract more business, it’s a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers.

Businesses are under constant pressure with tighter margins, increased competition and retaining customer loyalty. Given this situation, what sets you apart from other screen printers? Do you specialize in styles that your customers can’t get enough of? Are you adding new products regularly? Have you thought of what other print technologies can be used to make products ranging from skateboards and cycling jerseys to banner flags and cell phone covers? Can you move up the value chain by offering personalization?dye-sublimation1

More importantly, have you thought of upgrading to dye sublimation? From signage to building materials, sublimation is all over the place. It is growing in many different parts of the printing industry and in many different directions. It is propelled by an endless flow of new products and continuous improvements in production systems, leading to faster output at lower costs. For people focused on the athletic side of the apparel market, cut-and-sew sublimation has become a regular part of their workflow.

cut&sewMost of the traditional screen printers are interested in all-over sublimation prints, but are not sure how to move ahead. If you are willing to build solutions for cut-and-sew sublimation, it can change the nature of your business and definitely separate you from your competitors ensuring higher margin products, more customer loyalty and lesser returns (industry data indicates that personalization leads to higher price points and much lower return rates)

So, what do you need to get started? A sublimation printer & heat press. What about software, process, products, cut-sew patterns and the know how? That’s where we can help. vPersonalize’s software lets you or your customers design and automatically create production-ready patterns with the design, graded to size, adjusted for fabric shrink and print ready to suit your roll width. Your product is on the production line in 4-6 hours. Just print, cut & sew!

Want to find out how? Learn more at or email us at

Take the next big step today. There are just two species in the food chain. The prey and the predator!

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