Celebrity Fashion Trends: VMAs Edition

The VMA’s is a time when celebrity’s let their hair down and PARTY, and with it comes a more relaxed, anything goes approach towards award show dressing. This year, there were a few trends that stood out. See below for some of the popular party attire we saw at this year’s VMAs:

All White

2017 fashion trends, trends for 2017, white outfits at VMAs

This trend is still going strong. We’ve been seeing celebrities in all-white ensembles all summer long. But, we’ll soon witness this trend’s ultimate test: Labor Day!


vmas celebrity style 2017 trend predictions

Stars gave us the ol’ razzle dazzle at this year’s VMAs. As we’ve predicted for 2017, fashion is slowly transitioning from minimalism to a “more is more” approach. Expect to see more sparkle in the coming year. Which brings us to the next spotted trend…


vmas celeb style 2017 trend predictions

Big Bird must be feelin’ pretty good about himself this week. There were a flock of feathers that made their way down the carpet.

Cut Outs

vmas 2017 feather trend

Showing skin at the VMAs isn’t exactly a new concept, but this year’s skin-baring came in the form of cut outs and crop tops.


2017 trends vma looks fringe

Fun, free-wheeling, and never taking itself too seriously, fringe makes for the perfect VMA accessory.

Head-to-Toe Black

vmas 2016

Taking us back to early-aughts goth a little, we saw a slew of all black ensembles at the VMAs this year. Expect this look to continue through 2016.

Now that you’ve hopefully been inspired, get to it and design your own party dress or neck tie at MyWearStore.com!

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