How to name your store


Now that you have decided to launch your fashion business and zeroed in on the scope of your business, it is time to come up with the name of your store. The task seems simple as well as daunting. You have gone through many brainstorming sessions, finalized a set of names, but not sure which one would be the best among all. Not to worry, this article will take you through the points to consider to finalize one.

Let’s consider a few of the most successful consumer brands. Apple was named with a sense of fun and good spirit. Google was named from googol, which is a mathematical term for a number represented by one followed by 100 zeros. In fashion space, names like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci came from the names of the designers. The name of your brand or business is the first step towards communicating the value of your brand. If we try to arrive at a common conclusion among all these great names we will realize, all the names reflect what the business is about or the core DNA of the business. For example, Apple is about a good spirited, fun loving and an innovative brand, Google synonyms with an idea of building infinite information on the web and the bands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton were named after the designers as these brands represent the uniqueness or exclusivity of these designers’ collections. Considering these success stories below are a few guidelines to come up with a name for your e-store at

Define your business: First, define your business. Outline what you do, what is the theme of your fashion business, what are the unique benefits you offer through your products. Then write down a few of the adjectives of the benefits in terms of emotions or experiences which would be derived by your consumers. These adjectives would be the stepping stone for finding that killer name for your retail store at

You could also zero in on a set of products you will specialize in. For example, if your brand represents the rugged outdoors or travel, you might just design backpacks and T-shirts. If you cater to sophisticated and mature women, you might focus on Tote bags, Tunics, Silk scarf and cotton Tee’s.

Understand your audience: Then understand your audience and their affinities. Create a shorter list of those names which your audience would relate to, derive a positive emotion out of it and create an image of yours which you desire and fulfill.

Short and simple: Remember, most of the successful names are the ones which are short and simple. A short and simple name of a brand creates high brand recall.

Be Unique: Apart from being short and simple it is also very much important to be unique to create a much more efficient brand recall. Unique brand names are also helpful to get a good rank in SEO as you would compete with lesser relevant entities. There is also a trade off between a unique name and a name with higher keyword density. Names with higher keyword densities would be better discoverable through search queries, but comes at a cost of similarities with other names and lesser brand recall. However, unique names require higher expenditure on marketing to create a brand, but with the right marketing strategy and with the right choice of unique name the brand recall value would immensely higher.

Google your name: Then, Google your chosen name to check whether there is any existing band with this name. You don’t want to come up with a name which is copyrighted and would result in a violation.

In conclusion, the name of your store should be simple, memorable and likable by your target consumers.

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