Manufacturing is no more a barrier for fashion designers


Many a times emerging fashion designers may not have all the knowledge about various manufacturing processes nor may have access or experience dealing with multiple manufacturers. The limited availability of manufacturing setups that can do small quantities further restricts them from manufacturing their own apparels and accessories and to start their own clothing line.

Getting patterns made, sampling, sourcing fabric and getting it manufactured with minimum order quantities is a long and tedious journey.

Apart from that, designers may have to spend a lot of time in handling business operations such as collating orders, production booking, monitoring the production, payment processing, dispute resolution etc.

At we solve most of the problems associated with fashion designers starting a clothing line. We offer you, the designers, an on-demand manufacturing facility with an option to manufacture custom sizes and with a choice of fabric without any upfront cost or minimum order quantities.

Pattern making: After you receive an order on your E-commerce store powered by, our patent pending software creates the manufacturing ready patterns.

Manufacturing: Based on the orders from your customers, we will custom make the products to their size and fabric choice. There are no minimums, no pre-orders and no inventory. All products are custom made on-demand.

Drop Shipping: After the manufacturing is done, we ship directly to your consumers in multiple countries, including the United States, Australia and Canada. We continue to add more shipping destinations, so you can reach more customers worldwide.

You can sign up at to launch your E-commerce portal, publish your products and start promoting on social media. We will take care of the rest.

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