4 Quick Tips on Product Descriptions that Sell


The idea behind writing product descriptions is to sell your products. The customer should be able to feel the product, live the lifestyle you are articulating and feel that they need your product once they are done reading.

We’ve all been there. You’re doing a bit of online shopping and you find the perfect T-shirt or dress and you want to know more about them. So you click on “View Details” link……and nothing! No material details, no information, just a larger picture of the product.

Product descriptions on an e-commerce website play an exact role of a sales man, who anticipates your questions, lets you know everything about the products and why this product is a good choice for that individual customer. Your product descriptions should be written with a single intent in mind which is to simplify the purchase decision of the customers.

Here are some handy tips to write a good product description:

Understand your customers:

Speak to your target audience and understand what your ideal customer is like. It is necessary to understand your customers really well and you know what their pain points are, what motivates them and what they relate to. It should encourage the customer to click the BUY button.  Through the product description, you should address all the concerns of the target audience which might come across during purchase.

Tone of the product description:

You should define the tone of all the product descriptions. It should relate to the target audience and should be an exciting positive description which encourages the customers to click on BUY button. It should come with an intriguing emotional story about the visual representation, about how it might look after the customers own them. It should add to users’ curiosity and desire for the product. Define the tone of your product description as it defines the positioning of your retail outlet. Talk with a consistent tone across all the platforms, as this becomes the key ingredient of your brand.

Talk about customer benefits rather than the features:

Your product descriptions should mention about the benefits customers get rather than simply talking about the features. For example, instead of just saying “this is made of cotton”, you can say, “this is light weight, natural and keeps you cool”. Same way, instead of saying “this is a red colored design of a barn”, you can talk about “what inspired you to create that design”.

Write unique content:

Another point to take care is to prepare a unique content for every product. You may also be cautious about the kind of words chosen for the description. The choice of words should be such that it will make the product discoverable by the right audience both on Google search as well as in-site search. The product description should be of 100-150 words in length.

In conclusion:

Talk the language of your customers. Make it easy for them to make their purchase decision. Great product descriptions are what sell your products.



  1. Also by stating different ideas of how you can wear the item or by showing them through images is great for cross selling tactics. Example, this fantastic mini red dress can be worn with thick tights and boots for winter casual, or sophisticated black heels for evening wear.



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