Own your fashion e-store free and with a single click!


One of the barriers to selling online is the time, expertise and cost involved in setting up your own store. www.launchmywear.com aims to help fashion designers launch their own store easily without any upfront cost. Designers aiming to start their businesses through an online platform or designers selling on traditional platforms but aiming to extend their visibility on online channels through omni-channel strategy can now utilize launchmywear.com and can get started with a single click.

No upfront or registration fee: Typically, there are multiple costs involved in getting your own domain: purchasing a secure certificate, getting your own website, payment gateway, etc. However, with launchmywear.com platform any one can register for free and become an owner of his/her online store in minutes.

No technical expertise required: You don’t need any coding or technical expertise to create or maintain the website and don’t need to buy any server space.

Pre-integrated payment gateway: Launchmywear.com comes ready with a secure cart and pre-integrated payment gateway which would help your customers transact seamlessly.

A fashion website: You get a branded fashion website with your logo, store information and products. Create your products, write a product description, organize your store as you like and sell!!. You can also choose from a range of themes freely available for an appealing look and feel of your merchandize. You may keep changing the themes of your website for a fresh look.

Integrated social media Platform: You can publish your products directly to multiple social media channels with a single step to save time.

Launch your store now at www.laucnhmywear.com. For any query pls contact care@vpersonalize.com.

MyWear® is an integrated platform for fashion designers from vPersonalize Inc.

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