Fall for Winter 2015

We’re charmed by regular styles, trends and everyday fashion – these energize, motivate and influence all that we do. We’re continually searching for the fresh patterns, new prints, textures, most breakthrough advancements in the silhouettes and style trends. We always fuel our thoughts with the best from the fashion culture.

Key Colors

The must-have color statements of the season are about being confident and classic. The concentration is on how the hues are blended and displayed in a textural mix instead of concentrating on shades.

This time there will be a gender neutral color palette. The season displays a range of bold color statements and patterns alluring warmth and commercial appeal to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.

FW15 colors

Print & Textures

For this season, the nature fosters wellspring of motivation. For women, the most popular prints would be those which are related to nature like bark, fur, wood being faked in a digital design. In addition, the geometrical prints with optical illusions will be the key prints for women. Alongside, the plaids composed prints are imperative for winter.

Likewise for men, the prints are influenced by nature. Theoretical prints delineating natural sceneries, landscapes, ocean and ice, snowy skies and so on demonstrate that nature still holds the force on prints.

Real or imaginary pixelated images, collages, all over prints, geometrical prints depicting architectural screens and sketches will be the key prints for winter.

Silhouettes for FW 2015

The primary design plots which will be of demand for women in fall are based on the accentuation of outerwear and sweaters. Turtlenecks with oversized or loose silhouettes and rounded shoulders are mainlines in sweaters. Talking about tops, rounded and loose shapes with asymmetric lines will be in wide range.

In bottom, silhouettes include cropped, tapered and extra-long styles. Novelty details include contrast panels and holes. Wide Leg Pants are considered as occasional must-have plan for bottoms. Additionally, midi skirt will cover a more extensive youthful group of onlookers.

So, be ready to fall in love with winters.

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